Defective Products

Big corporations often make mistakes in the way they design, manufacture, market, or sell their products. If those mistakes pose a danger to consumers, then the law labels that product “defective.” As a consumer, you have every right to expect a product to be safe and reliable. Unlike the seller of the product, you did not have an opportunity to research, study, design, build, and market that product.  Unfortunately, defective products harm and kill consumers every day. Pharmaceuticals and large equipment such as automobiles, boats and industrial machines are some of the most dangerous products. Chaffin & Homan fight for justice against companies who irresponsibly make and sell dangerous products to the public. We have won and settled cases for the victims of all types of defective products over the past four decades, including mass tort verdicts against big and powerful pharmaceutical corporations in excess of $10 million.

A defective product lawsuit can typically be categorized in three main areas:

  • Manufacturing Defects – When a product is made, it does not match the intended design or meet the standards and specifications required by law.
  • Design Defects – The product is based on a flawed design which makes the product unreasonably dangerous to consumers. And there are safer alternative designs which would eliminate the danger.
  • Failure to Warn – Some products have aspects that are not commonly known or easily understood by the average consumer. When bringing those products to market, sellers have a responsibility to properly instruct consumers on how to safely use their product, and how not to use their product.

More recently, Chaffin & Homan have been helping hundreds of women harmed by the dangerous medical product – trans-vaginal mesh. Trans-vaginal mesh is a medical mesh device that is used to provide extra support when repairing weakened or damaged tissue. Commonly, trans-vaginal mesh is placed through the vagina to treat conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse. After receiving trans-vaginal mesh implantation, many women have begun experiencing complications such as mesh erosion, pain, infection, bleeding, pain during sex, organ perforation and urinary problems. Many of these complications must be corrected with additional treatment, including surgery.

If you or your loved ones have been injured by a defective product, give us a call. We can help.