If you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own or cheated out of what’s rightfully yours, Chaffin & Homan is the firm you want. Chaffin & Homan have unmatched experience and success in personal injury and commercial cases spanning the past five decades. We accept cases from all industries and circumstances that cause injury and affect lives. And we don’t require money up front from our clients. We work exclusively on a contingency basis and there are no attorney fees unless you recover money. That’s the trust and care you receive with Chaffin & Homan.

The firm was founded by Robert Chaffin in 1979. Mr. Chaffin has a long history of winning and settling multi-million-dollar cases in oil & gas, maritime, consumer product defects, and many more. Mr. Chaffin achieved success in the ‘70s with a victory in the U.S. Supreme Court, winning over $400,000 for an employee that was abandoned by his employer in a foreign port. Since that time, Mr. Chaffin and the team have continued to grow and fight for the general public, providing high-quality legal counsel. We were featured on a CNBC special in 2010 after winning a high-profile, multi-million-dollar verdict against Remington (rifles).

If you’ve been injured or cheated, don’t be intimidated by large companies or afraid to fight for your rights. We’ll fight for you.

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