Axiom’s Remington Animation on 60 Minutes

Axiom’s Remington Animation was originally produced for a separate court case related to the defective rifle, created for Robert Chaffin, The Chaffin Law Firm. Before airing on 60 Minutes, the animation was used throughout court case proceedings, illustrating the Remington Model 700’s defective XMP trigger assembly and its role in the death of a 16-year-old-girl in North Carolina. As proof that animations win cases, Robert Chaffin stated,

“Axiom produced a fantastic animation that brought my case to life.”- Robert A. Chaffin; President, The Chaffin Law Firm

Axiom was not the first to document the Remington 700 rifle trigger defect; thousands of owners have issued complaints for this very problem before. For decades, in fact. After Remington failed to address the dangerous defect, 10 attorneys general wrote the court saying, “there are potentially as many as 7.5 million defective rifles at issue.”