Defective Firearms Attorney

Every year, the state of Texas is near the top of the list in gun sales per capita. Sadly, millions of firearms are sold to the public with inherent, deadly defects.

Firearms are unique because, unlike with other products, our government cannot force firearms manufacturers to recall or repair dangerous firearms. The Consumer Product Safety Commission can order manufacturers to recall and repair of thousands of things from kitchen appliances to children’s toys. The Food and Drug Administration keeps an eye on food, drugs, and cosmetics. The U.S. Department of Transportation can order auto makers to fix defective cars and trucks. There is only one product that is beyond the government’s reach when it comes to defects and safety: firearms. Not even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can get defective guns off the market. If a gunmaker chooses to ignore a safety concern, there is no one that can stop it.

Since we are based in Texas, we try, fight and win cases against firearms companies on a regular basis. A defective firearm can be lethal in unexpected ways which can injure the user or innocent bystanders. Flaws in the product design or manufacturing are inexcusable when you’re dealing with deadly firearms equipment. There is no middle ground, because there is no safe direction to point an unsafe firearm. Properly trained and experienced hunters and recreational shooters lose life and limb all the time due to the dangerous defects in guns sold by large firearm manufacturers. We’re not afraid to take these cases head on and we’ve proven it with victories over the last four decades. Our victories and settlements against defective firearms makers are numerous and range from $1 million to $17 million, including the famous Collins v. Remington case that was highlighted by CNBC in 2010.

Firearms cases are difficult and nuanced. If you’ve been injured while using a defective firearm, you need our firm’s 40 years of experience and know-how on your side.