Injured in a hunting accident? Call us, we know what to do.

Chaffin & Homan have represented the victims and families of many tragic, and completely avoidable hunting accidents. We have represented shooting accident victims that have lost limbs, been severely maimed, and have even lost their lives. Firearms can do severe damage to the human body, especially those firearms and ammunition intended for hunting game animals such as deer or hogs. They should always be handled with great care and respect.

Robert Chaffin and Nick Homan are both native Texans and avid outdoorsmen who have hunted and fished their entire lives. Chaffin & Homan have the utmost appreciation and respect for Texas’s outdoor traditions and everyone who buys a license and heads out into the field each year. We pray for a year that sees zero hunting accidents and deaths, but that has not happened yet and may never happen. If and when unfortunate events occur, we will be here to help put things back together as best we can.

Chaffin & Homan Hunting Lawyers